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See “Six Myths About Debt Collection Practices” at The Other Side of the Coin, produced in association with:

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The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act mandates that we inform you that:

“This communication is from a debt collector and is an attempt to collect a debt.   Any information obtained will be used for that purpose."

How much do you know about the debt-collections process?  Or what it takes to maintain your credit score health?

PRA LLC invites you to visit LifeCents, a free, financial literacy website developed with you in mind.  When you access the site, you’ll learn more about managing delinquent debt, identify other financial goals, and take steps towards improving your financial health. You also will have an opportunity to earn badges that can be redeemed to unlock rewards.

Access LifeCents to not only learn more about the debt collection process, but also to improve your credit score, become a savvy saver, and plan for your financial future.

If you’re a PRA LLC customer who received a letter to settle your debt at a discount, you’ll receive a discount code upon completing our LifeCents modules.   Call us to redeem it.

These LifeCents modules have been developed by PRA LLC in partnership with Financial Education & Literacy Advisers (FELA), a leading provider of consumer and financial education programs.

Here are three questions that will give you a head start on earning your first LifeCents badge – Debt Collection 101.  Answer each of the question below by clicking either 'True' or 'False.'


Q: If you have a valid debt but you can't pay, you should immediately stop communicating with the debt collector.

Q: If you have debt that you know is valid but you still decide not to pay, you may get sued.

Q: Once you pay a bill that is in collections, it will come off your credit report.