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Who's calling from

We're Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC,
and we're changing the way debt collection works.

Who's calling from

We're Portfolio Recovery Associates and we're changing the way debt collection works.

If you have been contacted by us it's because your original creditor sold us your account, and we now own your debt. When banks, credit card companies, and other creditors are unable to collect on an account, they may sell those debts to companies like Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC.

If your account was sold to us, you can review your account details online – including, but not limited to, information such as the name of your original creditor, account balance, and the date we acquired your debt.

We are committed to working collaboratively with you to help you understand the collection process and to make informed decisions about your personal debt recovery.

Who is Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC?

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC was founded in 1996 and is one of the nation's largest debt collectors. Our core principles include:

    • Fair and respectful treatment of our customers
    • Affordable plans and comfortable payment options
    • Consumer-friendly policies

Working with our customers throughout the United States, we've successfully helped millions of people resolve their debt with us.


Our goal is to make debt repayment fair and affordable.

No interest

We will not charge you interest on unsecured debt

No charge

We will not charge you servicing fees, nor resell your debt

Account info

We will provide you with the account information you need to help make an informed decision


If we are credit reporting your account, it will be considered paid-in full or paid-in-full for less than the full balance after your final payment is successfully posted. Within approximately 30 days of your final payment successfully posting, we will request the credit reporting agencies delete the Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC tradeline related to your account from your credit bureau report


We will send you confirmation when your debt is resolved